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My Dream Home
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Welcome to My Dream Home website. In this website,
we will be covering what my dream home would
look like and why I would like it to my specifications.

My Dream Home Description

Outside of my dream home are plants, I have chosen to have plants and specifically placed them in
the front yard to make it look better and much more appealing as well as making it have a
natural and inviting look for others. Present in the inside of the home, there are 5 bedrooms,
each bedroom has a king-sized bed located inside them as well as an ultra HD tv for maximum
comfort of users. The kitchen is joined with the living room to make it easy to access with the
living room having a lower floor level then the kitchen to with dark wood as the flooring to make
it have a very indeed relaxing feeling.

Why My Dream Home Should Be To My Specifications

The reason that my dream home should be to my specifications are because it is to be your dream home, this
means that it is a home that you have dream of wanting to have and should be to your complete
specifications otherwise it would not be classified as your dream home as it does not match what you have


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