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YTBR +Advance

Latest News

This project has been discontinued.

Welcome testers!

Welcome all to the open beta testing for the YouTube BR +Advance.'


Version 1.0 - One big leap for the YTBR.

Everything from the old one and more, with a better user interface which I'm sure you'll find exciting and suprised at the same time. If not, tough crowd.

- Download videos (Still awaiting permission)

- Block ads (May work and may sometimes not)

- Save links

- Share links

- Customisable settings (New, never before seen, hopefully.)

- Failure report button

- First time startup message

- The most user friendly interface

For those on Bluestacks, if you are having trouble launching, please find block 325 and run it, it is hidden from the start menu and if you would like, simply unhide it.

For those concerned in security, the email report section near block 123 can easily be changed in settings to prevent accidentally sending information. The only thing that is being sent is the crash report. Please also note that users data will not be shared to anyother party and will only be used to help the development in the YTBR +Advance by identifying only quantitative data.

Report Form

If you want to send a problem anonymously. You can copy and paste the crash information given.


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